Insurance: It's no joke, but we make it fun!

Welcome to Legacy Risk Consult, where we take the 'bore' out of 'insurance'! Imagine a world where insurance jargon is as thrilling as a bestselling novel, and policy management is as exciting as a treasure hunt. We've taken the mundane task of insurance administration and turned it into an art form, combining cutting-edge technology with a touch of humor. Our team doesn't just crunch numbers; they juggle them with the finesse of a circus performer.

So, let's embark on this exhilarating journey of risk management together, and trust us, it's not just another 'policy' meeting!
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Cloud Storage

Group Risk

Our ability to craft innovative group risk solutions tailored to each client.

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Image AI Analysis

Product Design

Our ability to design products and solutions aimed at maximizing our clients margin and product offerings.

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Systems and Technology

We developed high value technology and administrative procedures to assist our clients to get the maximum value out of their business.

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Our Technology Offering
Our system features at a glimpse
Policy management
Experience unparalleled control over the entire policy lifecycle with our innovative policy management feature. It simplifies complex processes, offering an intuitive interface for managing member information, product selection, and much more, all in one place.
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Bulletproof security ensures member information remains confidential and protected.
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Seamless communication channels keep you connected with clients effortlessly.
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Automated policy document delivery upon registration saves time and reduces manual errors.
Performance reports
Gain actionable insights with comprehensive performance reports. These are crafted to provide a clear view of your business`s financial health, from premium collections to month-over-month growth, helping you make informed decisions swiftly.
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Detailed analytics give you the power to stay ahead in the financial game.
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Enhance customer satisfaction with insights aimed at boosting retention.
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Comprehensive oversight tools put you in command of every operational detail for unrivaled efficiency.

What makes us different

Market leaders inFuneral Administration

We take pride in expert administrative underwriting services in the funeral industry.


Tailored solutions for every client

Our expertise lies in crafting highly customized, high-value benefit structures and systems that precisely align with the distinct requirements of each client. By understanding their specific needs, we create solutions that cater to their workforce, budget, and long-term goals, ensuring optimal coverage and employee satisfaction.


Personalized consultation

We collaborate closely with our clients, engaging in personalized consultations to comprehend their organizational dynamics, values, and objectives. This enables us to design benefit structures that not only meet regulatory compliance but also foster a positive company culture and attract top talent, ultimately leading to a more successful and resilient business.

Funeral administration and beyond

Strategic MarketAnalysis & Expansion

Our dedicated efforts revolve around bolstering businesses in the funeral industry by strategically expanding their presence. We conduct in-depth market analysis and deploy targeted marketing initiatives to elevate our clients` visibility, attract a wider audience, and stay ahead of the competition.

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Involvement in various industries


Professional team


Customized benefit structures

Insurance sector expertise

We offer comprehensive solutions covering policy administration, claims processing, and underwriting in the insurance sector. Our focus on compliance and risk management ensures efficient operations and quality service delivery, empowering insurers to succeed.

Funeral administration and beyond

In addition to insurance, we excel in funeral administration, leveraging the insights gained from this industry to enhance our services. Our sensitive and efficient approach is shaped by our unique perspective on the funeral industry.

Empowering through risk management and compliance

Our commitment to risk management and compliance is a cornerstone of our solutions. By maintaining regulatory adherence and minimizing risks, we empower our clients to concentrate on their core competencies, knowing their administrative and risk management tasks are in expert hands.

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